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Testing to find our minimum viable product

September 30, 2011

Before anything else, the Realized app must handle two aspects of a stock portfolio. One concerns the capital gains that have yet to be realized. The other involves reporting the realized gains for Schedule D.

For the unrealized gains, the app maintains the cost basis of stock holdings within tax lots. It also adjusts the basis of a lot after a corporate event such as a stock split.

To calculate a realized gain, the Realized app matches a sale with a tax lot. Properly gathering these gains for Schedule D-1 also requires the detection of any wash sales.

With the above features in place, we have reached the point where the app has a solid foundation. Our goal is to take the existing feature set to the next level with a minimum viable product.

Edit: If you would like to try out a preliminary version of the Realized app, get a trial account at www.realized-app.com/signup.

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